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SU99 High Flow Ultrasonic Nebulizer Service

SU99 High Flow Ultrasonic Nebulizer Service

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Annual Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Yearly maintenance designed to lessen the likelihood of catastrophic failure during operation and ensure a smooth service lifespan.

Features and Benefits

The SU99 Elite™ incorporates a High  frequency ultrasonic  generator  to vaporize/nebulize  the inner chamber medium. Through the utilization of micro-processor controls the operator can independently vary both nebulization density and air-flow. 

NexGen™ Circuits  are  utilized  along  with the  SU99Elite™ as a means to  administer the nebulized medium with an approximate nebulization rate of 3 ml per minute, with an air flow of 20 l/min maximum and particle size of ± 3 μm MMAD. NexGen™ Circuits have been expressly  designed  to  provide  a  single-patient  use  delivery  system  that  incorporatesState of the Art infection control. NexGen™ Circuits are available in a variety of configurationsfor Adult / Pediatric medication delivery or sputum induction. Ask your WestPrime associate for more information regarding your particular application needs and how the SU99 Elite™ will improve your practice.  

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