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Respironics Trilogy EVO Service

Respironics Trilogy EVO Service

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 4 Year Preventive Maintenance Service
  • Replace air inlet foam filter
  • Replace muffler assembly
  • Perform proportional & 3 way solenoid valve assessments
  • Perform internal & detachable battery pack assessments
8 Year Preventive Maintenance Service
  • Replace air inlet foam filter
  • Replace muffler & blower assembly
  • Replace proximal in-line filters
  • Replace proportional & 3 way solenoid valves
  • Replace internal & detachable battery packs

Features and Benefits

For use in dynamic environments

With expanded cross-functionality, Trilogy Evo offers features to treat chronic and critical patients in a variety of settings, such as sub-acute or chronic care environments, a patient's home, or during their activities. It's designed specifically with durability in mind to protect it against damage during travel, such as during medical transport.

Long-lasting battery life

Ventilator-dependent patients are supported by internal and detachable batteries, now with 15-hour battery life. Compared to the Trilogy 100's six-hour battery, Trilogy Evo gives patients a new level of freedom and mobility. It's ready to be mounted onto a roll-stand or a wheelchair, with a mountable, easy-to-use carry bag.

Meet your patients' changing needs

Trilogy Evo provides noninvasive and invasive ventilator support, with added sensitivity for a wide range of adult and pediatric patients. Volume and pressure modes, AVAPS-AE, SpO2 and EtCO2 monitoring and alarms of every parameter allow for adaptable care.

Easy access to data

Trilogy Evo uses Bluetooth to send you patient and device data through Care Orchestrator, Philips' cloud-based tool. This solution is designed to unite the technologies, resources, people, and information essential to manage your respiratory patients. With Care Orchestrator, you have the power to create custom health rules based on your best practices and proven processes. You can also download data at the point of care through a USB drive.


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