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Nidek Medical Nuvo Lite Mark 5 Home Oxygen Concentrator

Nidek Medical Nuvo Lite Mark 5 Home Oxygen Concentrator

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  • Safe & Reliable: The concentrator has a built-in OCSI(Oxygen Concentrator Status Indicator) Monitor that alarms when oxygen purity falls below acceptable levels. It also has other alarms, such as power, high/low pressure, and process failure.
  • Continuous flow: The steady flow of oxygen is perfect for those that need a constant stream of oxygen.
  • Ultra-quiet: The concentrator runs at a quiet 45 decibels, equivalent to the hum of a refrigerator. Struggling to sleep while using a noisy machine is now a thing of the past.
  • Easy to operate: Attach your cannula to the metal outlet fitting, adjust the oxygen flow with the lockable flow control valve to your set flow, and turn on the machine.

Features and Benefits


Manufacturer: Nidek Medical

Mode of Operation: Continuous flow

Oxygen Concentration: 90% to 96.5% (at 5 LPM)

Continuous Flow Setting: Min: .5 LPM - Max: 5 LPM

Noise Level: 40 dBA (typical)

Color: Grey

Dimensions: 14"W x 9"D x 23"H

Weight: 32 lbs

Cannula Outlet Material: Metal

Power Consumption: 330 watts (average)

Electrical Requirements: 115 Voltz (65 Hz)

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