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Cuffed Tracheostomy Tube, Size 8 mm (Portex)

Cuffed Tracheostomy Tube, Size 8 mm (Portex)

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Cuffed Nonfenestrated Tracheostomy Tube, Size 8 mm I. D.

  • Ultra tracheostomy tubes are constructed of thermosensitive material with sufficient initial rigidity for insertion that conforms to the individual patient's upper respiratory tract at the body temperature
  • Some of the tubes feature a Soft-Seal cuff, which is a low pressure, high volume cuff
  • Plus, the cuff is designed to help minimize trauma upon insertion and provide an effective seal
  • Tubes include a built-in 15 mm ISO connector for ventilation circuit connection with or without an inner cannula in place
  • Ultra tubes have an arc that is tapered anteriorly to keep the distal tip midline and a hollow obturator with retaining clips and hemispherical tip aid in tube insertion
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