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Fisher & Paykel

Airvo2 Humidified High Flow Therapy System

Airvo2 Humidified High Flow Therapy System

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Designed to treat patients across the hospital 

A wide flow range (2 - 60 L/min), variety of innovative interfaces and an integrated flow generator facilitate the treatment of a broad patient group across the hospital.

    Features and Benefits

    • Support for a variety of delivery methods including Nasal Cannulas, Tracheostomy Interface or Mask Interface
    • Adjustable temperature settings with the heated breathing tube
    • Adjustable flow settings that can generate flows up to 60 lpm
    • Simple and easy to use display screen
    • Heating reduces condensation in the tubes or interfaces
    • Can be used with oxygen up to 15 lpm Less noise then an air compressor
    • Simple device setup, easy to use and clean
    • Controlled Oxygen Delivery (as per requirement)
    • Downloadable myAIRVO™ 2 App (can be found in Google Play or the Apple App Store)
    • AirSpiral™ Tube for warming air consistently through the tube
    • Handy grips on the AirSpiral™ Tube to assist with stabilization
    • Alarms notification alerts for safety Temperature setting 37, 34 and 31 degrees C for your benefit and comfort
    • Integrated Temperature Sensor which means that you do not require additional  probes, cables, or adapter attachments for the device.


    • Airway Hydration
    • Respiratory Support
    • Patient Comfort
    • Supplemental Oxygen


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