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ABM BiWaze® Airway Clearance Cough Assist Machine

ABM BiWaze® Airway Clearance Cough Assist Machine

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Advanced, Intuitive, Hygenic

The BiWaze® Cough Assist Machine by ABM is a non-invasive solution to enhance respiratory clearance by simulating a cough to clear mucus from the patient's airway. Separated dual air pathways for inhale and exhale flows ensure air is not cross-contaminated with mucus from either airway.

Features and Benefits


The Oscillation therapy feature delivers an oscillatory therapy based on frequency and amplitude settings. Use of the oscillation feature enhances mobilization, and improves bronchial drainage.

Inspiratory Trigger

An important characteristic of the device is its ability to trigger on the patient's inspiration to help synchronize the therapy with the patient. The inspiratory trigger feature is available when the device is in Auto mode, and the pressure delivery sequence is synchronized with the patient's effort to inhale.

Inspiratory Flow

The inspiratory flow may be controlled to a comfortable level by selecting the flow between low, medium, and high. In contrast, the expiratory switching is desired to be fast and high-flow to simulate a natural cough.

Positive Airway Pressure on the Pause Phase

This feature provides the option to keep airways open in-between the exhalation and inhalation phases of the cycle cough, designed to make therapy more comfortable for the patient.

Performance Specifications

Operating Temperature: 40° to 95° F (5C to 35C)

Relative Humidity: 15 to 95% (non condensing)

Size: 27 cm L x 23.5 cm W x 9.0 cm H (10.5″ L x 9.2″ W x 3.5″ H)

Weight: 9lbs (4kg) including internal battery

Presets: Up to 10

Modes: Automatic and Manual

Maximum Positive Pressure: 70cm H20

Maximum Negative Pressure: -70cm H20

Maximum Pause Pressure: 15cm H20

Inspiratory Time: 0 - 5 seconds (auto mode only)

Expiratory Time: 0 - 5 seconds (auto mode only)

Pause Time: 0 - 5 seconds (auto mode only)

Inspiratory Flow: Low, Medium, High

Inspiratory Trigger Sensitivity: 1 - 10

Oscillation Frequency: 5 - 20 Hz

Amplitude: 1 - 5

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