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VMP Services

  • Custom-Made Solution For Ventilation Management
  • Ventilation Management
  • Wireless Alarms Solutions
  • Licensure and Licensing Support
  • Compliance/Competency Training
  • Survey Preparation
  • Case Management Assistance
  • Continuing Education and On-Going Support

Flight 60T Ventilator

The Most Versatile Autonomous Ventilator

  • Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilation With High Leak Compensation
  • Advanced Modes Of Ventilation
  • COVID19 Response for High Acuity Patients
  • Single And Dual Patient Circuit Limb
  • Pediatric To Adults
  • High Pressure And Low Flow Oxygen
  • Ease Of Use
  • Excellent NIV Performance
  • Synchronized Nebulizer
  • Emergency / Contingency Management Response

Transport and EMS

Whether it is critical care transport outside the hospital, emergency preparedness or mass casualty response, the Flight 60 provides a sturdy and reliable solution for all levels of required ventilation.Its autonomous platform allows caregivers to treat patients in any environment, while conserving oxygen and power.


Modes of Ventilation


• ACMV (Pressure control/Volume control/PRVC)

• SIMV (Pressure control/Volume control/PRVC)

• B-Lev (Bi-Level, APRV, Bi-Phasic, Duo-PAP)

• Volume Guarantee VtG & MVG (VG PS/ AVAPS)

• NIV leak compensation Up to 100 l/min

• HFOT* (High Flow Oxygen Therapy)

Technical Specs

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