Z1™ AUTO CPAP Unplugged HD60-1017
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Z1 AUTO CPAP Machine with PowerShell

The Z1 Auto Unplugged bundle is the ultimate solution for travelers that use xpap. With its auto-cpap algorithm and PowerShell with integrated battery, the Z1 Auto Unplugged is an ideal machine for travelers that use auto-cpap.


  • The Z1 Auto
  • The PowerShell battery cradle system
  • One 45 Wh Battery Module
  • AC Power Supply / Charging Cable
  • Disposable Filter
  • 4′ CPAP Tube
  • Z1 Tube Adapter
  • 1 HME

Z1 Auto Unplugged- Totally integrated auto-cpap.

The Z1 Auto Unplugged Bundle builds on the form-factor of the Z1™ CPAP to deliver the world’s smallest, lightest, most integrated auto-cpap machine. At only 10 ounces the Z1 Auto is the best machine we have released and when integrated with the PowerShell™ (included in the bundle) , the Z1 Auto Unplugged delivers an amazing night’s sleep on a single battery charge.

Z1 Auto CPAP

z1 auto cpap features

Z-Breathe™:  More natural breathing. A top concern cpap users have is the difficulty in exhaling against the pressure exerted by the cpap machine. The Z1™ uses our proprietary Z-Breathe™ algorithm that learns from your breathing pattern and relieves machine pressure on exhalation.  This comfort feature can be adjusted by you as needed.

No more worrying about packing your CPAP for travel.  At only 10 ounces, the Z1 is the world’s smallest, lightest cpap machine available today. Fitting easily in the palm of your hand, it is so small that you can throw it in your bag and never know it’s there.  The new Z1 CPAP is only 6.5 inches long, and has an optional FAA approved integrated battery. The Z1 Travel CPAP Machine will not get in the way of your active lifestyle, but instead makes it possible.  At about the size of a soda can, the Z1 is perfect for air travel,camping,hiking as well as every night use taking up minimal space on your nightstand. All the premium features you would expect to find in larger cpap units will be available on the Z1.

The Z1 Auto | The world’s smallest, lightest, most integrated auto cpap.

The new Z1™ Auto– with its proprietary breathing algorithm and sampling rate of several times per second– delivers extremely responsive and effective therapy at lower overall pressures than fixed-pressure cpap. The result is more responsive therapy, a natural breathing pattern, and a more comfortable experience.

Get maximum comfort every night, whether you are at home or in a tent in the middle of nowhere. The Z1™ Auto is designed for you.


Z1 Auto CPAP
The Z1 Auto is an auto-cpap machine that actually adapts to your breathing requirements thousands of times per night. By reacting to your requirements- rather than just delivering one constant pressure- the Z1 Auto delivers therapy at lower overall pressures and delivers a better, more natural breathing experience.

Very quiet
For a travel cpap the Z1 Auto is very quiet. The FDA testing revealed a sound level of 26dB using the standard testing methods although we have heard of slightly louder results from users. 

Extremely light. Only 10.4 oz
The Z1 Auto is the lightest auto-cpap machine available anywhere. At only 10 ounces it is a great everyday machine that is also ideal for travel.

Optional integrated battery
The Z1™ Auto cpap has an optional integrated battery system that we call the PowerShell™. It delivers a full night of cord-free power on a fully-charged battery. If you would like to purchase the Z1 Auto with an included PowerShell- and save $120- you should purchase the Z1 Auto Unplugged Bundle.

Free iOS mobile app for data and remote control
The Z1 Auto cpap is data-capable and records all information on events and compliance. Download the free Nitelog™ mobile app for iOS and sync directly to your device with Bluetooth®. Review your data or share it with your doctor directly from the app. Nitelog™ can also serve as a remote control for your Z1 Auto.

Nitelog™ mobile app for iOS.

All of your Z1 Auto™ data synced wirelessly to your iOS device.

z1 auto cpap nitelog synced wirelessly thru ios device

Wirelessly sync your Z1 Auto™ data to your iOS device then analyze or share it.

Nitelog™ can even remote control the Z1 Auto !

z1 auto cpap znitelog mobile app


This device doesn't come with a battery. It uses a 30w power adapter (included) to operate.

The Z1 Power Shell Module, an optional accessory will give you the freedom to operate the device without the cords.

  • Item #: HD60-1007 and HD60-7010
  • Manufacturer: Human Design Medical
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: HD60-1017
  • Condition: New

Z1™ AUTO CPAP Unplugged

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