REMstar DS560TS Auto A-Flex, with Heated Tube humidifier
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This product is no longer available and this information is for reference only. 


Philips Respironics has been doing a lot of listening. They have loaded many of their System One machines with intelligence because they gathered yours by paying attention to your wants and needs! The Philips Respironics System One REMstar Pro C-Flex CPAP Machine is a perfect example! It is a fixed CPAP machine that offers a wide pressure range (4-20cm), adjustable ramp (0-45 minutes), automatic altitude adjustment, SD data card for tracking and reporting sleep patterns and flows, optional wired and wireless modems, humidity control, and a universal power cord. These CPAP machines come with a carrying case, performance tubing, reusable gray foam filter, side cover panel, and a useful owner’s manual. 

What is C-Flex technology? Philips Respironics has this one covered. Due to air pressure coming into the CPAP mask, sometimes exhaling is a challenge. This patented C-Flex technology offers an amazingly comfortable way to deliver sleep therapy by taking the work out of exhalation. This branded CPAP therapy automatically delivers just the right pressure relief for every breath. You sleep much more comfortably and adapt much better to sleep therapy. By tracking each breath, C-Flex pressure relief technology helps you feel like you are just naturally breathing. Experiment and find the best one for you! 

Talk about smart, Philips Respironics has built in technology that is unbelievable. Their unique System One Resistance Control is built into this CPAP machine that allows you to wear whatever mask you want. It helps you achieve total comfort by enabling the CPAP machine and mask to work optimally together. Through simple settings, the technology tells the CPAP machine to make up for variables related to different masks. The result is compatible pressure delivery related to different masks and total comfort. 

This machine is truly loaded with smarts! It contains Philips Respironics’ advanced Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity which is the brains behind Respironics' Flex Technology, which is explained above. The Philips Respironics System One REMstar Pro C-Flex CPAP machine is designed to identify and respond to symptoms beyond classic Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) parameters such as apneas and hypopneas along with flow limitations. This intelligent machine can collect data on leaks, snoring, periodic breathing and Respiratory Effort-Related Arousals (RERAs). Along with digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity and Flex Technology, the machine can detect the breathing cycle and deliver comfortable pressures proactively through advanced event response and advanced event and detection and reporting. This information can be utilized with the Philips Respironics Encore Pro and Encore Anywhere software. This reporting can actually help determine if your sleep therapy is effective and doing the job you need it to do. 

All of the new 60 series CPAP machines come with heated tubing to deliver the best humidification experience ever. Given the proper humidity can also cut back the need for as much pressure. It also is important for comfort. Say goodbye to dry mouth every morning. The 60 series heated tubing will help elliminate water getting into your mask by delivering heat directly from the machine all the way through your CPAP mask. 

The Philips Respironics System One Pro C-Flex CPAP is an excellent choice because of their intelligent technology and their willingness to listen to their users! 


Compliance Recording Yes
Compliance Type SD Card 
Condition New
Dimensions 7" L x 5.5" W x 4" H
Exhalation Relief C-Flex
HCPCS Code Machine: E0601; Tubing: A7037
Heated Tubing Avail No
Mask Off Alert Yes
Other Info DS560TS Series - Released April 2013
Prescription Required Yes
Pressure Range 4-20 cm
Ramp Yes
Voltage 100/240V Auto
Warranty 2 Years
Weight 4.8 lbs
What's Included 6ft Hose, Manual, Travel Case, Ultrafine and Pollen Filters, Power Cord
Color Black and white
Can Use Battery Yes
Can Use AC Inverter Yes

  • Item #: R272-130
  • Manufacturer: Respironics
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DS560TS
  • Condition: New

REMstar Auto A-Flex, with Heated Tube Humidifier DS560TS

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