Neotech N0101 Meconium Aspirator Clear
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Neotech N0101 Meconium Aspirator, Clear

Quantity: 40/box

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates mouth suctioning of meconium from newborns

  • Thumb port allows for intermittent suctioning

  • Attaches to any endotracheal tube


  • Used worldwide in over 20 countries

  • Not made with natural latex rubber

  • Not made with plasticizer DEHP

How to Use:

  • Peel open package and remove Meconium Aspirator®
  • Connect smaller end (with barbed fitting) of Meconium Aspirator® to suction line connecting tube
  • Set the suction at 80mm. Hg or less
  • Intubate patient with proper ET tube
  • Once patient is intubated, connect larger end (15mm ID) of Meconium
  • Aspirator® to the endotracheal tube adapter (15mm OD)
  • Place thumb over suction control port to regulate suction and remove meconium

Suction for no more than two seconds at a time. 

It is recommended that the suctioning be done while the ET tube is being withdrawn.

Discard after each patient use.

  • Item #: R136-240
  • Manufacturer: Neotech
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: N0101
  • Condition: New

Neotech Meconium Aspirator, Clear, 40/box

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