NeoSmile Hydrocolloid Temperature Probe Cover N731
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NeoSmile Hydrocolloid Temperature Probe Cover

Quantity: 150/box

Size: 1" Diameter

Features & Benefits

  • Temperature probe cover that attaches to patients with gentle NeoBond hydrocolloid
  • Resists skin breakdown from moisture or heat
  • Leaves no residue on skin
  • Doesn’t fall off prematurely like gel or acrylic covers
  • Not made with natural latex rubber
  • Not made with plasticizer DEHP

Directions for Use:

Step 1
Clean and dry skin per hospital protocol.
Note: It is important to have skin as clean and dry as possible for proper attachment.
Moisture, oils or lotions adversely affect the adhesion of hydrocolloid. No skin prep is required or recommended.
Do not use alcohol.
Step 2
While clear liner is in place, warm product in hands for 60 seconds. Product may also be held under radiant warmer or heel warmer.
Step 3
Remove NeoSmile™ from liner.
Step 4
Place NeoSmile on skin where it is to be secured. 
Hold in place for at least 60 seconds to ensure proper adhesion. Heat will increase the bond between the product and the patient.
Step 5
Removal: Saturate surface with water, gently peel away from skin as you swab with water.
Soap or mineral oil may also be used for removal.

Cautions: Patient must be under professional supervision. 
Discontinue immediately if skin irritation occurs. 
To be used by or on the order of a physician.
  • Item #: D222-120
  • Manufacturer: Neotech
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: N731
  • Condition: New

NeoSmile Hydrocolloid Temperature Probe Cover

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