Nellcor Oxisensor Max-Fast Reflectance Forehead Sensor, 24/cs
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Nellcor Oxisensor II R-15 Self Adhesive Disposable Nasal Sensor, 24/cs

Nellcor Oxisensor II Self Adhesive Disposable Nasal Sensor, 24/cs  
Name Oxisensor II R-15
Type Self Adhesive Disposable Sensor
Description Nasal Self Adhesive
Compatibility N100, N200, N290/5, N390, N3000 N6000, NPB40, and Nellcor pre-Max technology
Patient Type Persons >50 Kg ( 110 lbs)
Cable length 18 inch
( 45 cm)
Latex content Latex Free
Unit of measure 24/cs
Comments Max Technology

  • Built-in shielding for both the bandage and the cable to protect the signal during transmission 
  • Bright, high-quality LEDs to maximize signal tracking capabilities 
  • One-piece bandage construction with visible alignment marks for ease of use and patient comfort 
  • High quality, nonconstrictive, self-adhesive bandage material for a “second-skin” fit 
  • Sensor are latex-free 
  • Sterile for single-patient use, to minimize the potential for cross-contamination 
  • Compatible with many leading patient monitoring systems

  • Item #: D425-100
  • Manufacturer: Nellcor
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: R-15
  • Condition: New

Nellcor Oxisensor II R-15 Self Adhesive Disposable Nasal Sensor

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