mysign s, mysign s pulse oximeter
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mysign s pulse oximeter




Package 1 - Item # D403-101

1 MySign S with Softip Sensor Reusable Probe and Accessory Package

1 Power Supply, Mini USB, 5 volts 


Package 2 - Item # D403-102 

1 MySign S with Fingerclip Sensor and Standard Accessory Package 

1 Power Supply, Mini USB, 5 volts


Package 3 - Item # D403-103

1 MySign S with Interface for Disposable Sensors and Standard Accessory Package

1 Power Supply, Mini USB, 5 volts


Available Replacement Sensors and Accessories

MySign S Replacement Sensors and Accessories

MySign® S

Setting new standards in pulse oximetry

If stationary or mobile as handheld, if for long-term or spot check measurements, MySign® S allows easy, fast and reliable measuring and monitoring of oxygen saturation in arterial blood and pulse rate.

The trendsetting product design convinced the international jury of renowned experts in the reddot design contest. In future MySign® S may present itself as reddot design award winner 2013.



Compact & robust

• Small, leightweight, ergonomical
• Shock protected (IK 05)
• Water protected (IP 54)
• Clear advantages with respect to hygiene due to easy cleaning of housing and appropriate patented, autoclavable SoftTip® plus sensors

Useful & safe

• All-purpose mounting concept for simple attachment to standard rail systems, beds or tables
• 2,8" large, high-contrast and rotating display
• Backlit keypad and display
• 1 USB interface for all functions

Intuitive & functional

• Intuitive user interface
• Preventing frequent skin irritations due to application indicator for keeping track of sensor application time
• Safe performance rating due to perfusion index
• Reliable alarm management with self-explanatory icons

All fits together

With the MySign® S product family we also offer a wide range of suitable sensors in addition to the monitor:

  • SoftTip
  • SoftTip® plus
  • Ear sensor
  • FingerClip
  • Disposable sensors

  • Item #: D403-101, D403-102, D403-103
  • Manufacturer: Envitec
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 1002217
  • Condition: New

MySign S Pulse Oximeter

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