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In all areas of patient care, sound decisions must be made on a regular basis, often under difficult conditions and typically under extreme time pressure. Such decisions are dependent on the fast and accurate monitoring of vital parameters.

MySign® O is the ideal companion for patient care and monitoring!

MySign®O is compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use. It offers the high precision required for anaesthesia and neonatal applications along with an uncompromising robustness for demanding rescue operations.

General clinical use

The MySign®O can be seamlessly integrated into all processes and procedures and limits servicing and maintenance to a minimum.

Neonatal and intensive care units

The MySign®O meets the stringent requirements for fast and reliable O2 values in all ventilation situations.

Emergency and rescue services

As one of its basic features, the MySign®O offers absolute reliability under the harshest conditions.

Home mechanical ventilation

MySign®O offers valuable support in analysis and patient-care for at home oxygen therapy. 

The MySign®O is extremely versatile and meets all applicable requirements. With MySign®O you will always have immediate access to the ventilation parameter FiO2 for your patients, offering safety, even in critical situations.


Wide Range of Functions - "Simple and Intuitive"

Self-explanatory icons

  • Icon-based control

  • Clear assignment of functions

  • Soft keys for fast use

Simple calibration
  • Ambient-air calibration

  • 100% oxygen calibration

Substantial user benefits

  • Comprehensive data and alarm management

  • Versatile use as monitor (handheld of bedside) or spot-check device
  • Reduction of false alarms
  • Status priorities
  • Digital documentation by means of PC software (included with device)
  • Events can be reviewed in chronological order
  • Configurable user profile
       Intuitive Operation               Simple Calibration
          PC Connection                     Trend Graph

Highly Robust Design - "Durable and Hygienic"

Robust construction

  • IP 54 certified for water and dust resistance

  • IK 05 impact strength

  • Certified biocompatibility

Fast and easy to clean

  • Hygienic
  • Tolerant against common cleaning agents and disinfectants 
      Shock Protected                  Water / Dust - tight
         Easy to Clean                    Extremely Versatile



D405-107 - MySign Oxygen Monitor

D405-108 - Power Supply unit for MySign® Mini USB 5V / min.


D405-109 - MySign Clamp / Bracket




Oxygen Analyzer, MySign O Oxygen Analyzer, MySign O Oxygen Monitor, O2 Analyzer, Oxygen Monitor

  • Item #: D405-107 & D405-110
  • Manufacturer: Envitec
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 1001825
  • Condition: New

MySign® O Oxygen Analyzer / Monitor

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