devilbiss DV53D-HH, DV53D-HH, DeVilbiss IntelliPAP® Standard Plus with SmartFlex™
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IntelliPAP® Standard Plus with SmartFlex™ and Heated Humidification System1

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The IntelliPAP Standard Plus is a fixed pressure CPAP with a SmartFlex expiratory relief comfort feature designed for the effective treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Its robust ergonomic design and its small size make it the ideal travelling companion. As with all IntelliPAPs, the optional heated humidifier can be easily connected.

This device offers patented SmartFlex technology, which offers three comfort settings, with each setting equating to an exact 1 cm H20 drop in pressure upon exhalation. DeVilbiss SmartFlex also features patented Flow Rounding, which changes the slope of the pressure waveform during the transition from prescription pressure to the SmartFlex setting and vice versa. This enables a smooth transition and decreases the likelihood of waking the CPAP user. There are six levels of flow rounding with level 0 having the steepest slope and quickest transition and level five having the gentlest slope and slowest transition.


Pressure Settings 3-20 H20 cm
While Breathing Compliance Yes
Event Detection Yes
SmartFlex Exhale Pressure Relief Off, 1, 2 or 3 cm H20  pressure relief
      Inhale Rounding Range: 0-5, increments of 1
      Exhale Rounding Range: 0-5, increments of 1
Automatic Leak Compensation Yes
Remote Control Capabilities Yes
Onboard Filter Clean Reminder Yes
Onboard Compliance Quick Code SmartCode
Therapy Management Software SmartLink
Detailed Usage Data SmartLink
Data Transfer via Memory Card SmartLink
Remote Compliance Data Retrieval SmartCode
Remote Efficacy Data Retrieval SmartCode
Delay Pressure 3 cm H20  to CPAP, increments of 0.5
Delay Time 0 to 45 minutes in 5-minute increments
Auto ON and Auto OFF Yes
Visual Mask Off Alert Yes
Product Weight 4.45 lbs with heated humidification system
Product Width 6.5 in.
Product Length/Depth 8.4 in.
Product Height 6.4 in.
Warranty 3-year warranty on IntelliPAP
3-year warranty on heated humidification system
3-month warranty on humidifier chamber


  • Item #: R271-202
  • Manufacturer: DeVilbiss
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DV53D-HH
  • Condition: New

DeVilbiss IntelliPAP® Standard Plus with SmartFlex™

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