AlcoQuant PC Datamanager Software
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AlcoQuant PC Datamanager Software provides Statistical Analysis Tools and data archiving management.

The device is equipped with a serial PC (Please see optional PC interface cable # S95026)
interface and data memory of 9999 readings, storing full set of information. All the test results can be recalled at anytime.
The collected data can be easily and immediately printed out, transferred to the PCs and statistically evaluated.
AlcoQuant 6020 is also available with Bluetooth wireless data transmission enabling safe and comfortable communication with a
range of modern communication tools, including PCs, Mobile Phones & Printers (see additional output accessories).

  • Item #: G011-205
  • Manufacturer: AlcoQuant
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 1000520 / S95025
  • Condition: New

AlcoQuant PC Datamanager Software

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